The last few years I spent most of my time on the Jamming project and my work for the Barvolam organisation. Jamming is an inclusive arts project in which artists with so-called “learning disabilities” together with artists handicapped by an art school education make collective paintings. I participated in many collective painting sessions, but did very little painting on my own. This summer I was able to spend more time in my studio (see below) and also found the time to update this website: I added the albums Digital Collage 2013-2015, The Expression of the Emotions in Humans (2016-2017) and Socialism or Barbarism (in progress) in the new section Collage, in the Paintings section Sketchbook Pages 2017-2019, Paintings 2015 and Paintings 2016-2017, in the Photography section Nature Morte (2009) and Pedestrians (2015), and I updated Graphic Design. Enjoy!


to play with the dog or eat it? / 2019 / acrylic and mixed media on hardboard / 50×40


portrait of my father / 2019 / acrylic and mixed media on hardboard / 45×60


orange-green composition with elephants and pissing man / 2019 / acrylic and mixed media on hardboard / 50×60